Hope, Direction and purpose....they are priceless..you gave that to me Kalps...Thank you so munch..Love You!!!!

Darren Baker

Dear Kalpesh,

I hope you are well?

Just to say I love reading your writings, very inspiring and stuff I really connect with.

I wish you every success this world has to offer.

With Blessings & Light



Hey Kalpesh ...that's more like it ..I just loved the text and the passion in your words

I "do" know how important Tony Robbins is for you and your family and "the fire walk" .
You were "my" inspiration and my comfort blanket when I had to do the Fire Walk ..and my life has never been the same since ..remember ..cool moss cool moss

The Fire Walk for me was the Fear of Loss ..which we have discussed ..and now I have been told by my daughter that I am her Inspiration ..a Father cannot ask for more than that from his daughter ....

Your household and family of Brothers ,Sisters ,Nephew's and Nieces will have no limits of success , and happiness ..after Robbins .. what a gift you are giving them ..

Joseph Mastroianni

I firstly would like to apologise for delay in replying to your email, once again thank you for sharing your interesting life with me, as usual every time I read your email I learn a thing or two. I was also in an accident on 5th January this year and I as I was reading your mail I recalled everything that I can remember! Makes total sense the way you've described the moment. I'm extremely sorry to hear about your accident and thanks to the almighty all your well wishers like myself god has saved you!. You a great man indeed, God will always be with you and protect you from all evil, you have changed thousands of peoples lives and he surely will reward you, we all will surely miss your car! I personally was a great fan on your porsche. I gues you will surely get a better one soon. πŸ™‚

South Africa

Hi Kalpesh, How are you? I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have being listening to your CD and they have help me especially during the hard times and they are many. I was at boot camp this passed weekend and Double Tupac Derenonocourt was doing a training and again your taping with Les Brown came up again. Thanks for your mentorship. You impact my life and now I will never be the same. please touch base with me when you USA in May.

Jackie Scott

Hey. You completely changed my life a few years ago when I went to an event in SA - most inspiring person I ever met. Looked you up after a mention in chat about following your dreams. Work as a risk consultant and personal stylist.
Keep up the Awesomeness - Rockstar!!
Cant wait to read your books!

YolandΓ© van der Westhuizen

Dear Kalpesh,
of all the great leaders I have been privileged to learn from you are by far the best of the best, your love for helping people be the best they can be is a quality that is beyond any leader on the planet, you will always be considered my very special friend: - Craig

Craig Woton

Kalpesh Bro, my winning attitude and the desire to make money to exchange for my dreams will never cease.
Bro get in touch, with your knowledge, Skills and Mine combined, We can turn the around the dreams for people that they once had.

With Love and best wishes

Raj Ahluwalia

Raj Ahluwalia

Hi Kalpesh,

Yes.even years later(early 50s now) we are still chasing the same as what the 16 year olds want...but in our case it is not because we want it but is because we NEED it!!

Go well and be blessed.

Brian...from a hot and sweaty Durban!!

Brian Crossley

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you for your e mail and I am very happy to receive inspiring words from you. You are a true gentleman and I saw you at your event last year but was unable to take up any of the courses due to my financial circumstances. It is always inspiring to hear from you and to learn from "The Inspiring Individual" like yourself; and there are not many like you around in this business.



Sunilkumar Lakhani

Hi Kalpesh

Thank you very much for you inspiring story, it has motivated me and encouraged me in many ways towards working to my bright successful future. I am interested in learning more about how i can change my financial status and breakthrough to financial freedom.
I would love to come to the seminar as well. I am looking forward to receiving more of your inspiring stories.
Thank you.

kind regards


Lucy Paul

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you for sharing another great email with me.

This story reminds me of when my school invited a motivational speaker to present to us. I too remember the excitement and attitude.

I would like to thank you again for reminding me of that feeling.

Hopefully see you soon. Have a great night.


Matt Cvijan

Good Day Sir

I am humbled and really delightful and grateful to you for sharing this experience of yours with me. Its truely amazing the topics discussed by the youngsters were the same topics I myself use to ask my seniors when I was 16. Its amazing how broadminded we are when we so young! And how our mind works! Its an honour knowing and meeting someone so great and inspirational as you. This mail is an true eye opener for me. Yes I may not be 16 but its never too late to achieve the goals and visualising those goals through personal developement and training from successfull people like yourself and other great gentlemen both here locally and internationally, and I am sure that I will achieve my goals by working towards them everyday.
Thanking you once again for the your kind inspiration and knowledge.Much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Burhaan Kokate

Burhaan Kokate

Dear Kalpesh,
First of all let me tell you that NO I don't delete your email. Your email is full of motivations and inspirations that I honestly look forward into receiving them even if it'll just make me laugh, but mostly as my guidance.
Kudos to you! I'm so proud of you reaching out to younger minds and most of all YOU should be proud
of yourself. The experienced although priceless in your heart we both know that "MONEY" is their motivating factor for a better life and future. They might be young, but they know what we grown ups
are struggling with. They know that there's something out there, they just need the right guidance.
Anyway, I experienced all most the same thing last month (February) when I was asked to be a judge for the high school Robotics Competition my job sponsor. Most of them asked;
"How much money you make"
"What kind of car you drive"
"What school you go to"
"Do you live in a house or apartment"
I realized these kids 15, 16 and 17 are already thinking of the way out of struggling in life. One of them told me he's going to have his own business!
And yes the curiousity, thoughts and enthusiasm are still in me and will always will. I just have to be cautious not to be mislead.

I thank you for sharing xxx


Josie Galang

Great work Kalps! Magic of inspiring young people!

Hope to see you soon

With love & adventure

Rach xx

Rachel Leigh

Hi Kalpesh! πŸ™‚

I love this email!

It's fantastic that you are going round to schools, teaching this stuff.

How often do you do it? I think it's a major priority! Did the schools pay you?
If not, they should. That way you could do it more often. πŸ™‚

I would be interested to hear more about your career debugging service, or
whatever you call it.

I'd like to have a chat with you about it at some point.

So well done again, and keep rocking this joint! πŸ˜‰

Lots of love,

Cammy xxx

Camilla Forster

Hi Kalps.
This info was really great, but it does not surprise me. I say its time
that trainers, like you and I, developed packages to help and support the
youth, that's been on my mind for a while. Have a great week.

Val G

Valerie Graham

"Just to say that anyone not at Tuesday evening's meeting (I'm sure your reasons were great ones!!) including Kalpesh's training after the presentation on "communication", 1000% missed out. as jim rohn once said: the training you don't attend, won't help!

Kalps was addressing why it is that people often can't understand when prospects (even nearest and dearest) don't automatically want to go our way or sign up! we naturally still want to assume it must have been something we said or didn't say and we still want to have the lines we think we ought to have in order to clinch the deal and make the difference when it's us being who we are that is what we are presenting to people and what they are basing there total decision on, which is automatic for them and requires no thought! they feel it and kalps explained as the true mentor he is how through genuine interest in the other person and just being 100% real and present to what they need, we can know how to guide them to an outcome they are looking for anyway!

what of course makes this all the more poignant is the ease with which Kalps makes these distinctions and explains what real communication is making obvious the skills we instead weave into our own personalities, not rehearse, but that still leave the unsuccessful believing the winner merely has the gift of the gab!!!

You are the man kalps and love the way you walk the walk and make it so effortless and simple!!
great to have you speak in the personal setting of not even needeing a microphone -just wish that more were there to gain so much from you"

Kevin Crook

I personally liked the development at the beginning because it show, that by working on principals which can enhance your life it can improve your mindset, attitude which will help in the development of your mind body spiritual life.

Brian Campbell

Hi, I missed around half of the training yesterday. From what I heard it was good. Good it be repeated again please. Thanks

Perbinder Nainu

Wheel of life" yesterday cuts straight into the meat on areas of life most important to pay attension to by creating a visual image. The wheel of track allows one to creats a measurable mind picture to track ur work in progress. Very insightful workshop am already actioning the knowledge on key areas am working on. Thank to Kalps


Tuesday evening was great because it was a members evening that allowed guests to get a peek at the mindset behind the scenes which was good as well as giving guests their portion and the presentation. It allowed them to see their was heart behind the show and get to know the group in a real way.......they also see Kalpesh as their experienced coach and mentor and not just their high powered upline! The exercises and participation definitely has the audience more attentive and prepared to engage more....thanks for all your help and work guys......

Kevin Crook

Wow many thanks for a truly inspiring talk today and your precious time. Liam and myself were educated and enlightened once again. With thanks


Hi Kalpesh! Thank you so much for the genuine leadership spirit in you... I was so touched with your humility despite your success in your chosen field. Thank you also for the free CD which you personally signed. I hope I can get in touch with you always to learn more and be inspired more... May I know your personal email so I can send to you our pictures taken during the Direct Selling Festival in Dubai? May the GREAT FORCE be with you always... Warm regards to you and your staff. GANO POWERRR!!!!

Roy Codia

Hey, just walked into my house, I thought instead of calling my loved ones and telling them over the phone how much they mean to me, I thought I would do it in person to go all out, at first sister was a bit annoyed because I missed her 27th birthday for the training but when I gathered my parents, grandparents, brother and sisters to tell them 'I love you' I nearly bailed out but I said to myself, 'just doo it' and it took alot of courage to tell them, even though they know they mean the world to me, I don't know why something was holding me back until I said it, and WOW! I swear to you i've never felt like this in my life, I feel great. Sorry for the long text I just had to tell you, I just wanted to say thank you to you and kalpesh and all the other influential speakers. You guys really are something.




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