The Interview 1. (Q) Who is Kalpesh Patel? In a nutshell statement, who would you describe yourself to be, what are you about – that sort of thing.

(A) I am someone with a vision to move consciousness forward for mankind, I love teaching and training people on the practical life skills that add value and productivity in effectiveness for people. On a deeper lever, i am also very spiritual in my thinking, deeper than most will  ever know. I am a light that has been given a vision to change the world for the better, leaving a footprint in peoples heart where ever I go.*

2.(Q) What is your motivation for doing what you do with your life?

(A) My purpose and passion keep me inspired, what fuels this passion is the feedback, the testimonials and stories I get back from people. As long as they love what I do, I will keep on doing it.

3.(Q) What has been your biggest achievement to date?

(A) Wow…..honestly, one answer would not do this question justice. If pushed to confine it, I’d say………learning to love and forgive myself, accepting myself, trusting in a higher power.

4.(Q) How did you go about achieving it? What massive action did
you take towards getting there?

(A) Reading, listening to cd’s, dvds live events where I would absorb from masters of distinctions. Fully immersing myself in an environment of amazing people who all want to learn more and make a difference. I have traveled the world to get the best information from the best teachers and continue to do so until my last breath. A hunger for growth and a passion for understanding me better.

5. (Q) What was your biggest obstacle in getting to where you are today?

(A) People….the dream stealers, bi-standers, nay-sayers that smile to your face and speak ill of you behind your back, when you confront them they have a false apology ready for you etc. Even the non supporters, they say nothing but wish you to fail so they can be right in their own minds, justifying to themselves their lack of growth and progress. This affects your energy field if you are weak in the early days of growth. Now I’m bullet proof to these people but in the beginning I would get hurt by people’s malicious behaviour.

Also, negative self talk, procrastination and excuses leading to laziness. You never get rid of these, just have to be aware and learn to over ride them when needed.

6.(Q) What has been your biggest learning or lesson?

(A)That we are robust, stronger than we can ever imagine and will endure anything. I believe we will never experience things we can not overcome with will and faith.

7.(Q) What do you do to reward yourself or celebrate your successes and achievements? Some would say – what is your “simple pleasure” in life ?

(A) I love travelling and family time. I appreciate them much more for my awareness of them, so easy to take it for granted. I’m a big fan of fine dining, fashion and “things”, not attached to, rather inspired to have everything that is available to me in this world. I want to experience the great life. I love to feel the feeling of “Having it all”, no limits.

8.(Q) What are your top three values in life and why?

(A) Integrity, Honesty & Love. They have served me well. I have had a connection to these from a young age, my parents drilled these into me and my brother from day one.

9. (Q) Where to next ? What is next on your “life agenda?”

(A) The world… many ideas, I want to create systems for people to be free of their mental barriers. I am an entrepreneur, it’s in my blood. I will create many companies that will free many people.

(Q) If you had one statement to say to encourage people to go out there and make a difference, to follow their passion or whatever, what would it be?

(A) Find your passion and follow it, whatever it takes. Never let go of your dream, you were born to live it, most of us forget or are too scared to do so.

Interview by Gareth Stubbs



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